Tai Chi Colorado Mountain Retreat


August 2 – 5, 2024

No prior Tai Chi experience is needed. Everyone is invited!

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All About the Retreat

This annual retreat offers classes and workshops in Yang Family Tai Chi, Qigong & Push Hands. We also offer lodging or camping, guided wilderness hikes, herb walks, delicious organic meals, massage/bodywork, campfire discussions, and mindful meditation.

The many classes and workshops offered at this retreat are suitable for all levels of students of Tai Chi Chuan.  Even if you have never done one Tai Chi movement, we encourage you to come and learn with us.

This retreat offers a whole new level of Mind/Body Connection. You can be as relaxed or as active as you like during your stay with us, with optional activities like guided mountain hikes, biking, and kayaking. Or just indulge in a little pampering with a Thai massage. Of course, after a relaxing Tai Chi class, you can always choose to just sit by the lake with a good book.


In this retreat, you will:

treat yourself

Schedule a Thai Massage to help balance and release blocked areas.​ This type of massage  combines  acupressure, assisted Hatha yoga, Tok Sen, and energy work to help stimulate the flow of healing energy in the body, mind, and spirit, and relieve stiffness and pain

To schedule a massage during the retreat  Just email Christina at 

Book a Massage on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday morning
$30 min $45
$60 min $85
Call | Text 719.422.9642
Cash, check, card 

learn authentic tai chi

Sifu Michael Paler, 7th generation Yang Family Tai Chi lineage holder, is excited to share his deep knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan with you. Keeping no secrets and holding nothing back.  He will be teaching authentic Yang Family Tai Chi workshops during the retreat, demonstrating how form, qigong and 2 person training methods work together to generate power and healing.

To request a private 30 minute lesson with Sifu Michael during the retreat email him at:


Our students experience this retreat as a special time of Tai Chi Rejuvenation, enjoying activities such as; Tai Chi and Qigong by the lake, relaxing in the sauna, campfire talks, star gazing, forest bathing and guided hikes that will take you into a deep state of well-being and inner peace.

Learn skills unique to Tai Chi, which can help improve your energy and strength, relax your body, loosen your joints, and ease your tensions.


Chef Jessica will be serving her yummy inspired meat & vegetarian meals options, she is a passionate chef that focuses on healthy foods that not only look appealing but have wonderful flavors as well.  Chef Jessica shows that healthy food can be fun and delicious, and can be presented beautifully and artistically.  The students even give her standing ovations of appreciation. Mealtimes at the retreat are very special indeed!

About Catamount Mountain Campus

High up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, surrounded by 200,000 acres of forest, with two beautiful lakes and hiking trails, the Catamount Mountain Campus is situated on the northern slope of Pikes Peak near Woodland Park, CO, only a 30-minute drive from Colorado Springs.

In this beautiful remote place, guests stay in dorms, two people to each room, with beautiful views of Pikes Peak, surrounded by forests, mountains, and lakes. Tent and camping spaces are also available.

Address: 3168 County Road 28 — Woodland Park, CO 80863

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions commonly asked by retreat participants. If you have any, feel free to email us.

  • Tent & sleeping bag (only if your camping)
  • Pillow and Blanket
  • Tai chi practice Sword & Staff (Please No Sharp Weapons)
  • Coat / sweater
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Loose comfortable clothes
  • Your favorite pillow & blanket
  • Hiking shoes
  • Toiletries: shampoo, soap etc.
  • Towel
  • Shower slippers
  • Bathing suit
  • Umbrella
  • Flashlight / glo stick
  • Bug repellent
  • Fishing pole – if you like to fish 🙂
  • Sunscreen
  • Notebook and pen
  • A good book
  • Sense of adventure

Elevation at Catamount Mountain Campus is 9500 ft.  Altitude sickness can be a real health issue that people don’t recognize.

Here are common symptoms:  Headaches -Dizziness -Loss of appetite -Nausea/vomiting -Fatigue/loss of energy -Insomnia

To help counter the effects of altitude sickness:

  • Hydrate before, and especially during your visit. Drink lots of water! This is the BEST remedy. Start BEFORE you arrive!
  • The 3 S’s: Slow down, Seek shade and Stay cool.
  • Increase potassium-rich foods (broccoli, bananas, avocado, cantaloupe, celery, greens, bran, chocolate, granola, dates, dried fruit, potatoes, and tomatoes).
  • Decrease salt.
  • Eat complex carbs.
  • If all else fails, take aspirin or ibuprofen, or a mild pain reliever of your choice

No, getting a massage requires extra payment at 20% OFF the regular prices. 

  • 60 minute massage – $85
  • 30 minute massage – $45


You can schedule your massage on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

To reserve a private session of Thai Massage at the retreat, contact Christina directly to schedule an appointment and pay.


PHONECall | Text 719.422.9642

Cash, check, card 

Tai Chi Retreat Menu



If you have any allergies to the foods listed above or dietary restrictions, please let Jessica know right away. Don’t wait until you get to the retreat.

Email Chef Jessica









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