What is Tai Chi Online Classes?

Tai Chi Online Classes is a complete Yang Family Tai Chi Online Curriculum Created For BEGINNERS and offers a Low Impact, Step by Step, Easy To Follow online video series created and taught by Sifu Michal Paler, a 7th Generation Lineage Holder.  Please read through the website learn about the MANY benefits Tai Chi offers.  (This Program Is PERFECT FOR SENIORS).

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Tai Chi Online Classes Curriculum 

In year 1, Sifu Michael will teach you all the 37 Tai Chi movements, correct body structure and principles, and Tai Chi energies to help you achieve optimum health, better balance, and overall well being in your mind and body.  He has also added additional exercises to help you to strengthen your muscles, joints, and all connective tissues.

In Year 2, If you end up choosing the Lifetime Package, it includes Year 2 as well.  In year two, the focus turns from the Tai Chi 108 Form to using tools with your Tai Chi such as learning the Tai Chi Ball Form, Tai Chi Saber, and also learning how to do Tai Chi drills with a partner.  Partner work helps you to learn to listen through your body to anther person, and how to relax under pressure.  You will learn deeper relaxation techniques. and also how to incorporate your Tai Chi into everyday life.

How Do I Sign Up?Authentic Tai Chi

  1. Go To Website, www.TaiChiOnlineClasses.com
  2. At the Top of the Home Page, Open “Member Options”
  3. Choose The Package That’s Best For You, and Click “Select Plan”
  4. Fill Out The Registration Form and Click ‘Sign Up” at the Bottom of that Page.
  5. Fill Out The Credit Card Payment Information (This is a SECURE SITE).
  6. Important – Write Down the Email Address and The Password You Choose When You Signed Up, This is All You’ll Need To Sign Back In and View Your Classes.

How Do I Watch The Videos?

  1. Now That You Are Signed Up Just Go To: www.TaiChiOnlineClasses.com
  2. Up At The Very Top Of the Home Page, Go To: “MEMBER LOGIN”
  3. Put In Your Email Address and Password
  4. Enjoy Your Classes.

What If I Have Questions About The Videos and Movements?

  • We Offer Everyone In This Program The Option To Sign Up For Our Private, Members ONLY FaceBook Support Group,  In This Group You Can Visit With Other Students Form All Over The World, and Ask Questions Or Just Be Encouraged By Other Students and Instructors.  You Will Also Be Able To Email Sifu Michael Directly When Needed.

You Can Use ANY INTERNET CONNECTED DEVICE To Watch Your Online Videos, Learn Tai Chi Using Your Smart Phone, Computer, -OR- Your Smart TV.  

These classes can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, even in your PJ’S.  Just wear loose comfortable clothing, and a flat tennis shoe to train In, same thing you might wear to go for a nice walk.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tai Chi Online Classes? 

  1. Question: Is it live classes, like zoom?  Answer: No, these are pre-recorded video’s that teach you step by step.
  2. Question: If I choose the Monthly Plan will I get to keep all the videos I paid for?  Answer: Yes, as long as you continue in the program the videos will be available to you.
  3. Question: How does the Monthly Program work?  Answer:  Every month you will receive between 6 and 9 videos to watch and practice with,  but you will continue have access to all the videos from previous months as well, they accumulate in your video library from month to month.
  4. Question: How does the Lifetime Package work?  Answer:  If you purchase the the Lifetime Plan you will immediately have access to ALL THE VIDEOS, Year 1 & Year 2.  This package also gives you lifetime access to all the videos.  Its a one time purchase.
  5. Question:  How does Tai Chi Certification work?  Answer:  Not everyone doing Tai Chi Online Classes wants to be certified in Tai Chi, but if you do, we recommend Getting Started by purchasing with the Lifetime Package.  After a couple of months of training you can begin to send us videos via email of your progress.  Sifu Michael will work with each student individually that is working toward Tai Chi Certification via email, you will be required to visit our Home school, the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs to do final testing for Certification.
  6. Question: Do You offer hands on training?  Answer:  Yes we do, we offer workshops periodically and classes everyday Wednesday through Saturday at our Colorado Springs school, the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs.  We also offer a yearly 3 day Retreat in the Mountains of Colorado.  See website for more information about the Retreats.
  7. Question:  Who is Sifu Michael Paler and what are his credentials?  Answer:  Sifu Michael Paler is a 7th Generation Lineage Holder of Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi, he has been teaching Tai Chi for over 30 years now and is one of the most sought out Tai Chi teachers in the U.S.A.   In addition to this he frequently assists Olympic Athletes in Training at the Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs.  Sifu Michael Paler created Tai Chi Online Classes with Seniors and Beginners in mind.  Every carefully taught movement was to create in the student maximum mobility, strength, flexibility and balance increasing health and longevity.  This curriculum is authentic Tai Chi, and is still taught as it was when it was created by Yang Lu Chan many years ago in China.

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