into the Lifestyle of Tai Chi
through streaming online classes . . .
anywhere, anytime, at your own pace,
at your convenience, from any device.

  An introduction to our Tai Chi Online Classes by Sifu Michael Paler

Tai Chi!



  • Instant access to the first 9 Tai Chi Video Classes for you to study and practice at your own personal pace.
  • Each new month you will be given access to the next series of videos to add to your new online video library. 

  Sample of Tai Chi Online Classes by Sifu Michael Paler   

Beginner Courses You Will Learn in YEAR ONE
  • Tai Chi Stretch and Warm Up – (muscle/tendon changing and bone density, marrow washing exercise)
  • Yang Style Tai Chi 108 Form – (movement by movement with detailed instruction and follow-alongs)
  • Basic skills, stances, and weight-position exercises and drills (increases balance)
  • Optional 100-day “Inner Door” exercises
  • 13 Jins (internal energy training)
  • Yang Cheng Fu’s 10 Essential Tai Chi Principles
  • Qigong/Neigong Exercises
  • 2-person drills  (developmental partner exercises)
  • Optional – For those interested in Tai Chi Certification, the first 6 months of this online course covers information required for Level 1 Certification, and the second 6 months covers Level 2.
  • NOTE:  This online learning course now has over 100 instructional and informational videos ready to view.
Courses You Will Learn in YEAR TWO
In our curriculum for year two, you will deepen your practice with intermediate and advanced training.

All of our training methods are designed to help you develop new levels of focus and relaxation for the purpose of achieving self-mastery.

  • You will learn principles such as the Three Rings of Yang Jianhou and other training methods exclusive to the Yang Family.
  • You will learn solo exercises including intermediate and advanced Forms training, Jibengong training, and more advanced 100-day Inner Door exercises.
  • You will receive basic weapons training including Tai Chi Ball, Saber and Staff.
  • You will learn two-person drills and exercises for Jin development, and so much more…..

How Tai Chi Can Benefit You

Energize Your Day and Elevate Mood
 Deepen Relaxation and Breathing
 Regenerate Strength and Vitality
Release Stress and Tension
 Increase Range of Motion

Speed Recovery from Ill Health  
Increase Focus and Productivity  
Improve Overall Mind-Body Connection  
Achieve Better Balance and Body Alignment  
Create Conscious Movement Throughout the Day  

Art in Motion . . . Journey into the lifestyle of Tai Chi

This online video program takes you on an enjoyable journey for better health and harmony through the power of Tai Chi.


t Receive access to our streaming high-definition video curriculum created by Sifu Michael Paler

t  We offer easy to learn Tai Chi Forms and Basic Principles, as well as 2-person and accompanying (Chi Gong) exercises.  This online course is not just a “follow along.” Its a complete Tai Chi curriculum designed to enhance your overall health as well as your rehabilitative healing process for either an illness or an injury.  Of course, always consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

t Our online video program is perfect for beginners and seniors. It is very  easy and fun to learn, because Sifu Michael breaks everything down step by step and movement by movement.  

What makes us different…

Sifu Michael Paler, 7th Generation Lineage Holder of the Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi, designed these courses and will personally instruct you according to the teachings of the Yang Family developed in China in the early 1800's.

Yang Style Tai Chi is the most popular, widely practiced form of Tai Chi in the entire world. In fact, Yang Style Tai Chi is the source for most modern styles of Tai Chi.

Bridging the gap from beginner to advanced training…This fun and easy to do course can change your life by changing your mind and body.  Now you can study with a Tai Chi Master Instructor in the privacy of your home, office or anywhere.  Gain better balance, have more flexibility, and learn once hidden insights into attaining the mind-body connection that leads to both deep relaxation and vitality.

Tai Chi   has been endorsed by prestigious medical researchers worldwide including Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic.


Harvard Medical School says, “This gentle form of exercise can help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance, and could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life.”


Mayo Clinic calls Tai Chi “medication in motion” and describes it as “slow, gentle, dance-like movements to encourage relaxation, improve balance, and strengthen muscles and joints.”

The Tai Chi Online classes with Michael Paler are awesome! It truly is like being in class with him in person. I never quite seem to get to class as many times as I want. Now I can queue them up when ever and where ever I am. Thank you, thank you for putting together such a priceless program. My quality of life just went up a notch or two.

Laurie H.

Excellent resource. Expert guidance in a format that I can repeat, repeat, repeat. Every viewing affords deeper observation and inner experience. The practice tool I’ve been yearning for.

Meryl Rose

In over a decade of martial and longevity arts practice, I have trained with many, many teachers, and never one more knowledgeable, graceful, or of a more genuine lineage than Master Michael Paler. He is very patient and gentle, allowing for an efficient transfer of knowledge to his students. Michael has done an incredible job of creating a safe space that is welcoming to all levels of experience, regardless of whether one’s primary ambition is martial prowess or health and longevity.

Gabriel S.

It's never too late to start learning this beautiful ancient Chinese art. Tai Chi has been shown to improve both one's body and mind through greater balance, flexibility, strength, and relaxation, as well as preventing and recovering from injuries and medical conditions.

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